Scott Byrne and Dave Dreiwitz met on French Street in New Brunswick, NJ in the fall of 1986. It was after both had played gigs; Scott was loading his drums into his apartment, and Dave was walking down the street with his upright bass (unknowingly they were neighbors). Jack Petruzzelli (currently w/Joan Osborne and Vanessa Paradis) and Scott had a band called The Works and needed a bassist. Dave was interested and an audition was arranged. The friendship and professional relationship that sprang from this meeting continues to this day. Over the years Scott and Dave worked together not only with Jack but many other musicians. They encountered a wide range of styles, but something was missing; really heavy music. Unable to find a guitarist with feedback-laden Marshall stacks, or a belting, confrontational front man, Dave and Scott started jamming in December of 1991. Things sounded good enough for them to start booking gigs as a novelty act, playing only 20 minute long sets. It was Dave's idea to name the band Instant Death. Soon their songwriting developed, and now they have enough material for a three-hour show. Over the years they've played many gigs in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. The highlight of their live performances was opening for Ween when they toured in 1994. Dave is currently Ween's bassist, and Instant Death continues to record and play in the area.