7/11/02-Man, it takes forever between web page updates...sorry guys! Dave and I had a blast last night at CBs gallery with Chris Harford and the Band of Changes. The CD is coming out very soon, we got artwork samples back yesterday and they look great. Seriously, it's worth it to get the CD just for the packaging! It'll be available at the Ween website, Chocodog is the label. Also, a new gig: Friday, July 12th, @ The Saint , Asbury Park, NJ. Chris Harford and the Band of Changes, with Lazlo Toth, the Saras, and Instant Death. 9pm. Also keep an eye out for a new website, the domain should be active soon and point to this site. Party on!

5/23/02-Gig! We're playing Fri June 14 with the Insidious Rays ( theFunhouse (4th St. Bethlehem, PA 610-868-5311 9pm, $5 cover. Our new album is coming out soon, Kayt Lent did the design and photography for it and you can see her new website at

3/31/02-So Instant Death has been on a roll. The gigs have been outstanding. Since the Cropduster party we've played the Mercury Lounge, the Saint, the Collective Unconcious, and a house party in Bushwick (it was our friend Courtney's Birthday, a truly debauched bash that was ended by the cops at 2:45 am!). Equally exciting is getting the new album ready. We've been working on an album cover design w/our friend Kayt Lent (you can see some of her work in the photo section). So much material was recorded with Andrew Weiss that we've decided to split it up into two albums. Stay tuned, I'll try to keep this website better updated for you all!

2/20/02-Gig this Saturday with Tris McCall, Cropduster, and Nipple. The particulars: Saturday February 23rd 8 pm 66 Johnson Ave Hackensack, NJ 07601 (201)678 9446

1/16/01-The gig at John and Peters didn't happen for us as I had a serious fever and my voice was gone from laryngitis (my apologies!). Dave was also unable to sing as he had a throat operation. Fortunately Pauly Wiznowski was able to cover, so the fans got to see Dave perform some great music different from Instant Death. We mastered the CD this past Sunday, Tom Ruff did an amazing job. So now we have to figure out how to release it! Also, we have a last minute gig at the Court Tavern this Saturday w/BBQ Bob and Nipple. As I play drums for both of those bands as well, I'll be a busy boy that evening! It should keep me out of trouble.

12/15/01-The house party was a blast, music was going on until about 4:30am. Cropduster was excellent, The Anderson Council was great, and there was some happening jamming going on. Great food too! Thanks to the Cropduster guys for having us.

12/4/01-We have a house party happening in Hackensack this Saturday. Check out the "Gigs" page.

12/1/01-We had a blast at the John & Peters show last Sunday, it was one of our best attended J&P shows yet. Speedsters & Dopers were outstanding. We'll be back there in Jan. (Check our schedule page). This Saturday we're at a house party in Hackensack (I'll be posting details soon), and Sunday we master the new CD. New Hope is fun, I bought a vintage Hot Wheel at Love Saves the Day and also picked up a tin robot.

11/23/01-The gig went great at the Court. Everlounge is an amazing band in the twisted lounge band idiom, a must see. And the Raging Lamos were the best I've ever seen them, period. I've been a fan for a decade, and they never put on a show like that, and I've seen some great ones. Our set went well, we had an extra edge going. Looking forward to John and Peter's on Sunday. I also added a couple of amazing photos of Dave in the wild, done by Kayt Lent.

11/10/01-Dave's finally back from Ween stuff, you can hear "Dreamland" on (the link is through the mp3 page), and we have gigs coming up, the soonest being Nov. 17th at the Court Tavern.

9/7/01-Still no luck with the mp3s, I thought they were happening, I was wrong. I don't know what's up w/, I'll have to try some other service or get this website some real hosting. But don't let it get you down! Fight frustration and anxiety with alcohol! Try the Instant Death Cocktail!

8/29/01-The mp3s are finally up. Dave talked with Andrew recently, and about half of the tunes for the upcoming album are mixed. Dave will be back next week, so we'll get to work scoring some gigs.

8/18/01-The gig at the Court Tavern last week was amazing. The Sound of Urchin kicked butt, I learned a lot from seeing them-check them out at www.soundofurchin.comOn Sunday after the show we finished up recording with Andrew. Utilizing horn, synth, and some percussion overdubs, we completed our work in about eight hours. So now the mixing process begins, which will be undertaken by Andrew, and that part of the process should be completed by the end of the year. We move forward! Dave is now on tour with Ween, so we'll keep you posted for more developments when he gets back.

8/4/01-Welcome to Instant Death's new website! I moved back to New Brunswick from Pittsburgh about four months ago, and things have been developing quite nicely. Since my return we've played the Court Tavern, the Continental in NYC, and a couple of shows at John and Peter's in New Hope, PA. We have a CD for sale at the shows, a recording we did at "E.K.s" studio in NYC back in 1995. Recently we've been recording with Andrew Weiss (Rollins Band, Ween, Butthole Surfurs, Sean Lennon) and our work is almost finished. It's a retrospective of almost all of our tunes, there will probably be around 30 tracks on the finished CD. Being that it's something done on high-fidelity equipment (vs our previous efforts done on a Walkman) it will be the "definitive" Instant Death recording. I'm not sure when it's going to be released, that depends on cash and connections really. So we're playing the Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ on August 11th, and I'll be on Overnight Sensations, WRSU-FM (the frequency is 90? something, sorry) Sunday 8/5, 9pm, plugging the show and playing some new stuff we've recorded. Check back for updates, and sign the guestbook! Thanks, Scott.